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Photo Credit: State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory

Capital Content


Capital Content was founded in 2020 but has roots that run through the local community for many decades. Today we utilize those resources and knowledge around us to help our companies succeed and make connections that allow them to flourish. Today we have over five years of marketing experience through first hand experiences with previous companies.  We have promoted businesses from small-town start-ups to nation wide successes.  Browse our site for more information and examples of our work. Contact us at anytime, we would love to hear from you.


Meet The Team

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Cassidy Johnston


    Cassidy is the founder of Capital Content. Leading the team she handles all client engagement, business plans, and all creative concepts. A marketing and advertising expert she excels at partnering with small companies and helping them grow into major competitors in their field. Her field of speciality is Construction and Tradesman companies. As a 6 year TCBA member and previous SPS Building Materials employee, Cassidy has learned the industry from experts and prides her self on utilizing her community connections through out the Treasure Coast. Other fields of success include: health & wellness, clothing & accessories, and real estate development.

    As our in house photographer as well she develops each company’s ideal aesthetic. Specializing in product shots, she has a unique ability to capture still images that are ideal for every brand. A visionary who helps companies excel from the moment consumers look at a company.

    Targeting niche clients and opportunities Cassidy envisions each clients potential and makes their reality.


Cody Merrill



    Working along side Cassidy is Co-Owner Cody Merrill, our leading Custom Graphic Creator and Technology expert. He is a 4 time business owner and entrepreneur with over 5 years of experience in sales & marketing across many fields. Starting companies from the ground up, he has mastered how to target growth and appeal to consumers. With the ability to relate to other small business owners he is very driven and utilizes all possible avenues to help our clients reach their full potential. 

    As an Adobe certified expert he has mastered proficiency across all software platforms. His experience within the programs allow him to all of our create custom ads, logos, and other forms of advertisements. In addition to the eye catching graphics everyone sees, he also analyzes the statics behind each post. Using ad strategies, algorithms, and other consumer funnel tools, he strategically ensures every posts success. Cody’s experience and training demonstrates his ability to capitalize on key opportunities and technological advancements.

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